Interior Design

A successful home renovation begins with a good design. Whether you are remodelling your entire house, turning your basement into a living space or updating your kitchen, the design ultimately determines how satisfied you will be with the finished job.


Interior designers determine the sizes of indoor spaces and their arrangement, as well as the selection of all the items with which we fill spaces, such as surface materials, furnishings and accessories.


The average Canadian spends approximately 87 percent of his/her time indoors, making the decisions regarding spatial arrangements, materials, furnishings, and other attributes incredibly important.


The right interior design can dramatically enhance a space.


Make your space what you've always dreamed of with the help of our interior design experts.

Interior Renovations

For over 20 years, Mustique Design & Renovations has offered a full spectrum of residential renovation services, including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.


We guaranteed the highest quality workmanship for all projects completed. We only use the best quality materials and comply with all industry building standards. We respect you and your home and will always make the extra effort to be courteous of your personal schedule and project timeline. All work is done on-time and on-budget to meet your highest standards.



Renovating your home should be a positive experience - free from worry and stress. That is why you should choose  Mustique Design & Renovations.

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