Mustique Interior Design has been offering client's on-line design consulting since 2012. An alternative to working with an Interior Designer on a full-scope basis these scaled down services are perfect for savvy DIY homeowners who are seeking professional design planning without a full-service budget.  The luxury and convenience of an experienced Interior Designer at your finger tips - you receive Mustique’s custom designed solutions and expert advice delivered right to your inbox.  


The convenience of online design consultations for your single design dilemma or complete room re-design, no matter where you live. The e-Design service offer homeowners a selection of e-design packages that are affordable alternative to full-scope, on-site interior design services, geared to focusing on one room at a time.

Accessible, Affordable and Convenient. Get expert advise tailored on your specific project from a registered and experienced, professional interior designer. Send in your floor plan, samples and photographs via e-mail and you will be provided with a complete design solution containing scaled floor plans, sketches, finish recommendations, fixture selections and all the information and sources you will need to bring your vision to reality.

Perfect for DIY home renovators who want a designer edge, for those who knows what they want, but know how to get there, and for those who simply need clear design direction from a to z.


Benefit by adding real value to your home by investing in the advice of a professional designer for your home improvement projects.  An Interior Designer can help you maximize every square inch of your space, turn awkward and challenging obstacles into features, realize hidden potential and help you achieve high quality results. 

The key element to a successful, professional quality re-design no matter how big or small, is creating a great Design Plan.  Its essential for assessing your budget requirements and your scope of work, it streamlines the sourcing process, and is your most important communication tool for implementing your design.  Whether you need to get quotes from contractors, approvals from condo boards or apply for a home improvement loan, with a comprehensive design plan your project will be well received and evoke a sense of confidence in all those who you’ll need to bring on board.  


This limited selection of e-design packages are tailored to suit the most common interior design challenges of home improvements projects, the ones that has the most lasting impact on your home. Chose from a prix fixe menu of design packages for your kitchen, bathrooms, floor plan or design dilemma. (Click images for details)


These single room e-design services allow you to purchase professional interior design consulting tailored to your specific needs, when you need it. Because design fees are charge on a time billable basis, the more leg work you can do yourself the more affordable the services become. By eliminating time consuming site measures, in-person meetings and procurement of products, the essential design and planning phases become the main focus of this e-services. With these valuable information, homeowners will be armed with enough direction to implement their new design plans on their own or with a contractor. It’s like following a recipe from a great Chef!


The e-Design solution focus on products and materials that are affordable and accessible no matter where you live, whatever your lifestyle or budget. We don’t believe you always need high-end designer products to create beautiful spaces, just some high quality design advice.


Description & Fees

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